When will the site be restocked? 

We are working very hard to get a restock as soon as possible however we do not have a restock date at this time due to delays. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more updates e hoa.

When will I receive my doll after purchase? 

Pipi Mā shipping office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 08:30am-01:30pm. All orders are processed during this time. You can expect your purchase to be delivered to you within 2-6 working days in New Zealand and 6-10 working days internationally from the day of processing. Once your doll has been shipped, you will be sent a notification email to confirm this. When making a pre-order, please take note of the delivery time specified when placing the order.

Standard Delivery Target Times: 

(Please note these are the delivery target times of NZ Post)

NZ North Island: 1-3 working days (tracked, signature required)
NZ South Island: 2-6 working days (tracked, signature required)
Australia: 3-6 working days (tracked, signature required)
Rest of the World: 6-10 working days (non-tracked, economy service) 

**All NZ and Australia packages will be tracked and require signature on delivery. Packages delivered everywhere else will not be tracked. 

Can I pick up my Doll instead of delivery?

Kāore, we only offer a delivery service at this time.

Do you ship internationally?

Āe, we ship worldwide!

IMPORTANT: Any item moving internationally is subject to duties and taxes at the country of importation. This is a customs controlled situation as opposed to one that Pipi Mā or NZ Post is responsible for. Duties and taxes are often product specific and vary from country to country. It is the customers responsibility to seek advice on duties and taxes before making a purchase with Pipi Mā. The customer is responsible for any duties and tax costs incurred during importation into their country.

Do the dolls come with batteries included?

Kāore the batteries are not included in the Kōrero Range Pipi Mā Dolls. They are powered by 3 x AAA batteries. However the batteries are included in the Mihi Range Pipi Mā Dolls. These cannot be changed as the batteries on these voice-boxes have one lifetime. There is a 12 month warranty money back guarantee on all voice-boxes in the Mihi Range Pipi Mā Dolls. 

How do I order/buy a doll?

When there are dolls in stock or pre-orders available they will appear here in our website in the Toa/Shop.

Do you sell to retail outlets?

Āe, if you are a retail store and would like to become a stockist of our Pipi Mā products, please email us directly to place an order ui@pipima.co.nz.

Where else can I buy Pipi Mā products?

Click here to see the latest stockists of Pipi Mā products.

What does Pipi Mā do for Māori language?

Pipi Mā makes the Māori language cool by imbedding the idea into our children that te reo Māori is awesome and that Pipi Mā is as cool as the likes of Dora the Explorer and Doc Mcstuffins. Pipi Mā takes the best of pop culture and carries the status of te reo Māori into the same domain as its Nickelodeon or Disney counterparts.

What are the benefits for my child?

There are many benefits for you and your child when interacting with the Pipi Mā dolls. We have refined these to 3 main benefits:

Normalising and promoting the use of the Māori language is the ultimate benefit of Pipi Mā. Each doll encourages your child to use the language on a regular basis and initiates conversation and Māori language interaction between all family members thus raising the status of the language in your home.

Pipi Mā is a product that allows our children to hear, see and express themselves, their culture and language affirming their sense of self, identity, community and place in the world.

Each Pipi Mā doll is made with the softest plush material and are perfect snuggle buddies for your child in the home, in the car, travelling near or far.

Are the Pipi Mā Dolls safe for my child?

The creators of Pipi Mā have worked closely with the manufacturers on the designs of our products to ensure that we meet all safety standards and regulations as stipulated in the Product Safety Standards (Children's Toys) Regulations Act 2005.

What if I can't speak Māori?

Pipi Mā is for everyone and for all levels of fluency. Our specially designed bi-lingual Puka Mātua (Parent Booklet), comes with each doll and has been provided to assist those with little or no understanding of the Māori language.

What if I lose my Puka Mātua, Parent Card?

No worries. Just click here for a downloadable version.

Do the dolls say the same thing?

Kāore, each doll has their own unique set of dialogue, questions and songs. Please see the Puka Mātua (Parent Card) for further information. 

What if there is a fault with my doll?

We at Pipi Mā have worked at our best to ensure a quality product. However, in the unlikely event that there is a fault with your doll please contact us immediately and we will personally take care of the issue.

Where are the Pipi Mā Dolls made?

Pipi Mā is a Māori concept, designed by Māori here in Aotearoa to support the development of te reo in youngsters. To ensure Pipi Mā is accessible for all families, the creators at Pipi Mā personally undertook several on-site inspections and visits with our manufacturer in China before commissioning our products from them. We can assure our customers that we are confident in the production processes and quality of work from our manufacturer, and are pleased that we can offer Pipi Mā at a reasonable price for families.

Do you accept part payment or laybuy?

Yes we do, just follow the normal checkout process and select Laybuy as a payment option. Laybuy is administered by a thrid party. They are responsible for the laybuy process and usually split the total purchase over 6 weekly payments. 

What are 1st generation Pipi Mā dolls?

Any dolls purchased before September 20th 2017 are 1st generation Pipi Mā dolls. The batteries in these models cannot be changed as the batteries on these voice-boxes have one lifetime. There is a 12 month warranty money back guarantee on all voice-boxes. 

What type of batteries does the 1st Generation use?

The voice-boxes of the 1st generation operate using a button cell battery.

How long will the 1st Generation Doll batteries last?

Our manufacturer states the voice-boxes can last up to 24 months. The battery lifetime depends on how often the button is pushed so there is no definite answer on a specified lifetime.

Why can't I replace the batteries of the 1st Generation Dolls?

Once the voice-box is placed in the doll, they are sewn shut. 

What if I try to replace the 1st Generation Doll battery myself?

Please contact us if your battery stops working within 12 months and we will organise a refund or replacement. If you attempt to replace the battery yourself, this may deem the warranty void.

Does the 12-month warranty mean the doll will only last for 12 months?

No it doesn't, your doll could still be talking well after 12 months. 12 months is a standard warranty time on products and goods under the Consumers Guarantee Act 1993.