Pipi Mā - The Animation Series

Pipi Mā is a new, fun and exciting cartoon that follows the kōhanga adventures of Pipi, Hura, Tītoki and Pītau Pōtiki. This animated series celebrates the Māori language, the Kōhanga Reo movement and all of our tamariki within it.  It teaches our tamariki about behaviour, tikanga and values from an authentic Māori perspective and draws on traditional narrative. There are also segments that focus on teaching numeracy and literacy skills.


Pipi Mā is all about affirming our children's identity on screen.  Its also about making te reo Māori cool by imbedding the idea into our children that te reo Māori is awesome, and Pipi Mā are as cool as Dora The Explorer, Doc McStuffins, Frozen and even M🌀ana!  Pipi Mā takes the best of pop culture and carries the status of te reo Māori into the same domain as it's Nickelodeon or Disney counterparts. Due to be released in Feb 2018.

💫 Meet the Stars of the Show 💫