Tae (Colours) is a fun and exciting app for tamariki to learn colours in the Māori language with a unique Māori perspective. There are 40 high definition flash cards that help tamariki learn a range of colours and objects. Tae's amazing pictures are supported by narration and sounds that help your tamariki learn in an interactive way.  

Available now on iOS and Android devices! Also, check out our Tae Products here and see the Tae App come to life!

Video Demo

Check out the demo below!  Tamariki can choose to learn colours and objects with our Kāri Tae (Flash Cards) or play a game of E Rua, E Rua (Memory/Pairs). Kimihia (Search & Find) is also a fun activity that incorporates colour learning, listening exercises and idiomatic phrases.

Parents will have just as much fun on Tae as their tamariki! Tae is a great resource for whānau interaction and celebrating the language in your home.  Proudly bought to you by Pipi Mā. Making te reo Māori cool and taking the language everywhere, in everyway, everyday.